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5 simple winter car protection tips

5 Simple tips to protect your car in winter

  Winter has already begun. A few days back we experienced a heavy thunderstorm with 8 inches of snow. There are many to come until the winter is over. I have been researching a lot to protect our car and here in this post, I would like to share the tips …


Things to know before going to Walt Disney world

Walt Disney world is one of the must-see things if you are a wanderlust traveler. It is our responsibility to make maximum use of money that we have paid. There are many ways to save money. For example, refill a water bottle at drinking fountains instead of paying $3 for …


8 Efficiency hacks for your fridge

A fridge is one of the basic kitchen amenities. The most used, highly dependent electronic gadget in our daily life. Have you thought about the ideal temperature setting for your fridge? what is the electricity usage? Or about the easy and quick ways to clean? No? Then it is time …


Having a flight journey? Here are the things to remember – Flying tips

Always book flights well in advance to get the best price. Sometimes nearby airports might offer cheap tickets than the exact destination. If it saves money then book flight to a nearby airport and then travel via bus or train.  Before booking flight check thoroughly about airline’s extra charges. Nowadays airlines …


Few must know cooking tips for everyone

To separate each string of noodles or any thin pasta, run it under cold water immediately after boiling and draining the water. Add fresh herbs to the water while boiling potatoes.  This adds flavor to potatoes, try with different herbs like to make boiled potatoes more delicious. To get fluffy …


Egg recipes? Here are some Tips

Always scramble eggs in a non-stick pan. This avoids effort to remove the egg that is stuck to the pan. Add some grated Cheese to scrambled eggs at the last minute and allow it to melt. This makes it delicious. For tasty and spongy omelets – Add 2–3 tbsp of milk …