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best gym in bangalore

6 Gym Workout For Beginners

Everyone joins the best gym in Bangalore for a variety of reasons. However, many folks are hesitant to use the equipment since they have never worked out in a gym before. These introductory gym routines are great for a variety of purposes, including losing weight, burning fat, building muscle and …

fat burning exercises at home

5 Easy At-home Exercises To Shed Belly Fat

Most of you are tortured the moment you glance at your tummy! Those bulging bellies can make you look unhealthy, obese, and even large. And believe us, these can be stubborn and adamant and won’t leave your body so easily. You need to keep close attention to your regular diet, …


Leading Designers Of Jewellery From The Art Nouveau Period

The Art Nouveau period was when designers embraced the beauty of the natural world and ran between the years 1890 to 1910. You find in the jewellery from this period that was made in the Art Nouveau style mimicked the surrounding world, and it was a time when designers embraced …

Taking Care of your teeth

Tooth Extraction: What To Expect When Having It Done

There are many reasons why you may need to have a tooth extracted. Sometimes your dentist must remove a healthy tooth to preserve the health of the rest. If you need to have a tooth extracted for whatever reason, you may be feeling anxious if you have never been through …

Men Slippers

6 Awesome Reasons To Wear Slippers

It is safe to assume that men’s slippers have a fixed place in everyone’s footwear collections. Slippers, in general, are casual footwear that has a light strap that holds the sole to the foot, typically worn indoors. While men slippers are always the default when it comes to daily footwear, …


8 Gardening Tips to Grow Vegetables at Home

  Gardening has never lost its charm. It is one of the most attractive and productive hobbies in the world (On earth basically!). I love gardening! My dream is to have a big backyard and grow all kinds of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Whenever I’m cooking I just want to pluck …

Shop High Heels

Latest trends in Women’s High Heels Fashion

  A lot of discussions, debates, researches, studies have been done on High Heels. There are 3 types of women; Women who wear High Heels & Walk with their head held high, Women who want to wear High Heels but not used to, Women who don’t like High Heels at …