10 Amazing skin and hair care benefits of Baking soda – Beauty tips

Before talking about Baking soda let me explain the difference between Baking Soda & Baking powder. To make it simpler, Baking soda is the base, naturally available Sodium carbonite. Whereas Baking powder is a mixture of Baking soda and a dry acid. Baking soda is very alkaline with a high… Read more“10 Amazing skin and hair care benefits of Baking soda – Beauty tips”

8 Amazing Tea tree oil products from The Body shop

  The line ‘Tea tree oil’ in most of the Bodyshop products is what attracts a large number of customers. Since Tea tree oil is a clinically proven remedy for most of the skin and hair problems, many people want to try such products and are satisfied so far! Bodyshop doesn’t… Read more“8 Amazing Tea tree oil products from The Body shop”

8 Tea tree oil based products for skin and hair care

Tea tree oil comes from several Australia based plants. The name might confuse us with the general black or green tea but it is not the same ‘Tea tree’. Since this oil has many beauty benefits its used in wide range of beauty products. Dermatologists recommend tea tree oil for… Read more“8 Tea tree oil based products for skin and hair care”

#ProductReview: L’Oreal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub

  That night, winter was at its peak with a temperature of -8°C. I was in Walmart Beauty and Health section to buy some nice Lipbalm. Like all other girls, I was checking out some other stuff like hair coloring, moisturizer etc. I always end up in buying something I’m not… Read more“#ProductReview: L’Oreal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub”

Home remedies to shrink pimple in an overnight

Pimples are the worst enemy that anyone can have. Many people (including me) are fighting with pimples everyday. Few lucky people get rid of these evils after teenage but few suffer from adult acne for a lifetime. That small bubble on pretty face causes a lot of damage. You will… Read more“Home remedies to shrink pimple in an overnight”

Complete guide on skin exfoliation

I have already written post Know about your facial skin which gives a detailed explanation about exfoliation, depigmentation, and tanning. This post provides you complete guidance on how to exfoliate your skin. What is Exfoliation? Like hair, skin also grows in layers on our body. They say skin has 7 layers one… Read more“Complete guide on skin exfoliation”

List of natural, effective, homemade exfoliates

Photo Credits: Melan_Cholia on Unsplash When it comes to skin we immediately start searching for ready-made products. Chemical products harm our skin, maybe not today but someday for sure. There are many natural sources available around us which provide better skin protection. They take quite a long time to reflect results but are… Read more“List of natural, effective, homemade exfoliates”

How to maintain healthy hair – Hair care tips

Everyone likes long, silky and shiny hair. Having healthy hair boosts confidence, sometimes it is the ultimate way to be in limelight. Few lucky people are blessed with long and thick hair, this post is for those people who are worrying day and night about the increased hair loss.  … Read more“How to maintain healthy hair – Hair care tips”