Addictive Xbox game: Rocket League

  If you are an Xbox fan then you must have heard about the Rocket league. My Xbox journey started with Rocket League and so far it’s my favorite game. We had Xbox from a long time but only my husband used to play (FIFA!) with it. Once after started …


20 Long-lasting Perfumes For Women

Along with lipstick, there is another thing that women constantly in need is PERFUME! You can find a day without sun but you cannot find a woman who doesn’t wear perfume! PERIOD! Hence the Perfume industry is always in search of a new fragrance, long-lasting quality, and innovative packing ideas …


5 Awesome Travel Locations in Karnataka

  Karnataka’s tourism is very vast including Mysuru, Hampi, Badami, Pattadakallu, Dandeli, Chikkmagaluru and many other places. Here I have picked only 5 places because one blog post wouldn’t be enough to write about whole Karnataka 🙂   1. Gokarna   Gokarna means Cow’s ear. According to mythology, in this …

Pregnancy Symptoms

10 Dangerous Pregnancy Symptoms

  Pregnancy is a very important phase for every woman. Whether it is first or second, every pregnancy is special. Physically and mentally woman starts feeling entirely different. Few women are blessed with easy pregnancy whereas there are many women who face complications. Most of the times especially during the …


10 Stylish Titan Raga Watches for Women

  From generations, Titan has been the favorite brand for many people. Titan company started its operations from watches and today the business has been extended to jewelry and eye care. Initially, Titan watches were the only brand from the Titan company but today there are Regalia, Raga, Nebula, Sonata, …

Rh negative and pregnancy

Things to know about Rh negative Blood type

  Do you know there are 35 known human Blood group systems? Yes! This made me wonder because all I knew was some familiar Blood group types such as A, B, AB & O. If you are still wondering you can check our Wikipedia Master. Whenever you see a Blood group …


5 Days trip Itinerary to Kerala: God’s Own Country

  People who visited Kerala always returned with the thirst of wanting to go back. Kerala is truly blessed with nature and that’s why it never fails to impress people who visit the place. The best time to visit Kerala is June-July. Because of the monsoon season, waterfalls will be …

Taking Care of your teeth

Tooth Extraction: What To Expect When Having It Done

There are many reasons why you may need to have a tooth extracted. Sometimes your dentist must remove a healthy tooth to preserve the health of the rest. If you need to have a tooth extracted for whatever reason, you may be feeling anxious if you have never been through …